Renishaw is leading another measurement revolution!

The first product to take advantage of Renscan5® technology is REVO®, the first in a family of measuring head and probe systems, which has redefined the industry standard for scanning systems on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

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Renishaw Renscan5

Welcome to a measurement revolution, the biggest step-change in measurement capability that Renishaw has ever introduced.

Renscan5 enables unrivalled performance and speed. Unlike conventional scanning methods 5-axis scanning uses synchronised motion of CMM and head axes to minimise the machine's dynamic errors at ultra-high scanning speeds. Up to 500 mm/s is possible without any loss in accuracy.

From 55 to 5 minutes — 900% throughput improvement Scanning two head gasket faces and five sections in each of eight cylinder bores typically takes 50 to 55 minutes. The Renscan5 REVO® system completes the job in 5 minutes.

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Renishaw REVO® five-axis measurement system

REVO is the first in a range of revolutionary products to offer 5-axis measurement capability and is designed to maximise CMM throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

REVO uses synchronised motion and Renscan5™ measurement technology to minimise the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra high measurement speeds. This is achieved by letting the REVO head do the fast demanding motion while the CMM moves in a linear slow fashion.

The use of a flexible tip sensing probe system further adds to the systems' accuracy and flexibility. The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility.

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