Since RAM Optical Instrumentation was founded in 1981, their goal has been to provide solutions to customers' inspection and measurement needs that exceed their expectations and can be purchased at an affordable cost.

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Ram Sprint CNC 200-300 Systems

The Sprint CNC™ fits on a workbench and provides stage travels as large as 12" x 12". Use the handy joystick to move the part and optics. Precise autofocus speeds throughput and improves repeatability. Run programs for all your parts to keep your quality in control.

Sprint CNC Features:

  • 0.5-micron XYZ axis scale
  • LED back light
  • VectorLight™ ring light
  • Optional LED on-axis illumination

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Ram Optical StarLite GX

The StarLite GX is the newest design in a complete non-contact inspection system with interactive measurement capabilities at your fingertips. It is everything you need for accurate video measurement.

StarLite GX is an excellent choice for inspection and measurement applications within the plastics, medical equipment and parts, automotive, aerospace, electronics industries and more.

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Ram Optical Sprint CNC 400-700 Systems

Three-Axis Measurement for Larger Parts and Assemblies.

The Sprint™ CNC 400/600/700 floor model systems provide three-axis measurement for larger parts or assemblies and a large number of small parts at one time. Programmable zoom optics combined with all LED illumination and a color camera provide magnified viewing up to 176X with standard optics.

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The Ram SNAP completes complex measurements in seconds without moving the part. Simply place the
part on the stage and press the GO button. The large field of view optics and the Auto-ID software
do the rest.

  • Telecentric optics ensureaccurate part measurements in shop conditions
  • SNAP’s Auto ID recognizes any part within its generous 78 mm field of view
  • Exclusive Zoom Anywhere™ technology lets you zoom in and measure details anywhere in the viewing area
  • SNAP enables fast Automatic measurement without fixturing, regardless of part orientation

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Ram SNAP DM200

The SNAP DM200 Large-Field-Of-View System precision X-axis motorized stage allows measurement of parts up to 250 mm in length. Built-in image stitching combines multiple snapshots into a single image for part location and identification. SNAP DM200 is also available with an optional high density camera providing added resolution for ultra-fine feature measurements.

SNAP DM200 Features:

  • 100 mm circular field of view
  • Precision motorized stage
  • Fully telecentric, dual magnification optics for precise measurements
  • Optional high density camera providing added resolution for ultrafine features

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Ram Spark 150-300 Systems

The Spark semi-automatic dimensional measurement system excels at measuring fine features and provides complete part measurements using advanced optics and illumination. Spark's interchangeable objective lenses allow you to configure magnification and field-of-view sizes to fit your measurement needs.

Spark Features:

  • Precision fixed lens optics
  • Megapixel camera with digital zoom
  • 0.8x to 20x interchangeable objective lenses for configurable magnification and field-of-view sizes