Mitutoyo is committed to future product development that applies breakthrough technologies to its full range of dimensional measurement tools, instruments and systems.

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Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless System

The U-WAVE system enables easy wireless data communication from a measuring tool to a PC using the Digimatic protocol.

Measurement efficiency is improved by eliminating the long and cumbersome data cables. The user friendly interface allows data to be loaded into any software product that accepts keyboard input, such as Excel* or Notepad.

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Mitutoyo QuantuMike Micrometers

2mm Feed per revolution radically improves measurement speed!

  • Faster measurement with 2mm travel per revolution instead of the standard 0.5mm
  • A patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatability
  • A Function lock helps prevent error
  • IP-65 protection level
  • Certificate of inspection is provided

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Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-1400/RA-1500 Series 211 Roundess / Cylindricity Measuring System

Broadest line of roundtest measuring machines from manually operated to full CNC to the world's most accurate system.

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